23 November 2010

all the best to all spm candidates

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.


today, the journey start. i mean to the SPM candidates. including my sister, deena. she's the youngest.

to be frank, she's our hope. we were all hoping that she did very well in this biggest exam from the day start till the end of the subject.

i texted her yesterday night,

' do the best, jangan panik.no need to stay up late. just pray and tawakal to Allah.'

and she replied,

'thanks faeqa, doakan yg terbaik untuk deena eh. dari mula exam esok sampailah habis paper bio 3 nanti.'

insyaAllah my dear. you can do it. we're all pray for you.

and to all the seri kenanganians, azitechians, and all the malaysian spm candidates,good luck.

Pray for the succes.