25 November 2010

i just got an experience.

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

hey peeps.

foa, alhamdulillah today i just got an experience that is facing with someone that called Dato' as well for my scholarship or pinjaman i dont know.HAHAH. the YPJ interview was run smoothly. its just like am not really nebes at all.

we (abah,mak and i.if possible i wanna bring my family there to support me.euww) arrived there sharp at 8:30 a.m where the pendaftaran session had begin. first thing that i do is only complete the form that was given for the interview. i was the 3rd person who will be ditemuduga.

after awhile, the 'big brother' called us "no 1 sampai 10 ikut sane ye". and i was "ahh, fe'qa no 3 bah." "and abah, tak pelah pegi je". and berbekalkan rabbi shrahli sodri wayyarsirli amri wahlul uktada mi lisani, with selawat, i go to that room as shown.

selawat really improved my self-confidence. when i'm in that room (bilik temuduga no.1) we,i mean that interviewer and I just only talk about my family background,such where i am from, my father & mother occupation and ect. and he's kinda like to know about mersing where there is my village. he asked me

"oh, atuk awak banjar eh?"
"eh tak lah jawa!", i said.
"hey, mersing mane ade jawa".
" eh, adelah. ayah saye jawa mestilah atuk saya dulu pun jawa".
"iye ke. bia betul awak ni"
"ye, memang jawa. :D"
"oh, setahun berapa kali balik mersing?"
"everytime raya, and kenduri kahwin."
" sape ketua kampung mersing?"
"lah, mane saya tau, saya duduk segamat" HAHAHA

and the conversation takes only 15 minutes approximately, compared to other scholarship. and when he said,its done, i thanked and feels very relief after all.

because of my interview finished early, abah decided to go to Kota Tinggi. He wanna see his old teaching school there that is at SK Sedili Besar. we went there and abah meet his old anak murid. he was very happy and am also happy for him.

alright, that is all. for those who will be going to interview, all the best. just rileks and cool. ouh,one more thing, its raining heavily day and night. it worries me.grrr.