22 March 2011

Thanks to Allah


Foa, i wanna wish congratulations to my dear sister, Deena. Alhamdulillah, although she did not achieved her target but you know,i think this is very impressive! (maybe only me feel it)

yeah, i know she felt a lil bit frust but you know my dear, we are all happy with your results. it is because we (brother n sisters) never got THIS. congrates. kedekut punya examiners kan? Hhaa =.=

so, now you have to start to choose what do you want in your life. follow abah to be a teacher one day,perhaps. heeee. its okay. you think by yourself.

alright, to all the candidates of SPM 2010, GOOD LUCK!! tawakal ye.

* I try to write in English sentences because tomorrow will be my Grammar Test.so, wish me luck -.-

haah amek kau tonggang tebalik bace.